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Learning to be still

We spoke it last night and then again this morning as I sat with four precious Christ-sisters digging into what Matthew had to say about Jesus.  It is the challenge of being still.  Jesus had that quality about Him.  He was never intimidated by Pharisaical questions or attitudes.  He was never deterred from his course.  He was never flustered in the middle of the unexpected.  His was not a reactive lifestyle but a purposeful mode of living.

In a chaotic world, how do we learn to live like that?  How do we still ourselves?

I am typically not a still person until lights are out and my head finally rests on the pillow.  I am moving and shaking most all day.  Let me clarify that I am not necessarily being productive in all that moving around.  Sometimes I’m just here and there, flitting from one small project to another, cleaning up one mess then another.  And if my body is not moving about then you can be sure my mind is going 65 miles an hour.

I wonder if I know how to be still.

I learned to do things.  Pick up my toys.  Put away my books.  Clean my room.  Iron my clothes. I was taught to work hard, finish the project, study to get good grades.

Who taught me to be still?

Growing up I was taught and observed Christian disciplines.  When I visited my aunt and uncle’s house, I saw my Grandpa Lockard in his bedroom sitting in a comfy chair reading his Bible.  My mother gave me devotional books to help me cultivate a daily connection with God, and my dad was an example of praying every single day no matter what.

I have learned that I need a quiet time with God every day, and I have chosen the mornings.  But how do I practice being still all day long?

As my sisters were preparing to leave this morning after our study, we determined to practice being still. We are on a mission to learn stillness.  It will be quite a challenge as we enter what is for most of us the very busiest time of the year. The Thanksgiving-Christmas Rush starts like a slow-moving locomotive around October then picks up speed and barrels down the track at breakneck speed and nobody better get in the way. Because this train’s moving!

Wouldn’t it be different to spend the next few weeks with patches of stillness thrown into our days? Wouldn’t it be peaceful?  Wouldn’t it change things?  Wouldn’t it change me?

I am determined to learn how to be still before the Lord, to know even more than I do now that He is God, that He is in control, that He has a plan for my life and for those I love, that He will redeem the ugly and make it beautiful, that He does hear prayer, that He is more than enough for whatever I need.

“Be still and know that I am God,”   It’s an invitation from the Ancient of Days.  “Come and know me.” What God is like that?  What kind of God made Himself small enough for Mary’s womb?  What kind of God put on skin like me so that I could be transformed into being more like Him?

Yes, what kind of God is this, calling my name, bidding me to come?  This is an invitation I cannot refuse.

Will you join me?

Busy day

Day 30 of 31 Days of October – Roses Among The Thorns

Wake to alarm.  Busy day ahead.  Coffee.

Read the Ephesians letter.  Attend to prayer.

Doggie duty.

Breakfast for Sweet William.

Letters to little people.

More coffee.

Lunch for Sweet William.  Snacks for later.

To Little Flock. Piano students.  Music, music, music!

Funeral home visitation.  Sorrow for loss.  Joy at seeing friends from days gone by.

Home.  Supper for Sweet William.  Doggie duty.

Night time tasks. Clean up.  Lock up.

Watch Jill Dugger get married.  Remember our own wedding.  Sigh.

Bed.  Yawns.  Eyes close.

Prayers as sleep comes.

2013 fall5

That was Wednesday.  The day was too full for a post of words.

And today, we wake and start again.

And oh how thankful I am for a compassionate God who gives new mercies for another day.

I pray for my daily bread which is more than just breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It is exactly what I need for what lies ahead.

I take courage for I have assurance that my Father will provide.

2013 fall4

I am almost at the end of my 31-day challenge.  I would love to hear from you if you’ve been walking this journey with me.

For a list of the days of October, go here please.

Busy days

Day 17 of 31 Days of October – Roses Among The Thorns

To do list

It’s been a busy few days (thus me missing some of my 31 days commitment).

I am in a season when busy is just the way it is.  In order to take care of Sweet William and take care of business, being busy cannot be helped.  I know that seasons change and this one will pass eventually.

In my younger days I sometimes wore “so busy” as a badge of how important I was, or at least how important my activity was.  But as I study the life of Jesus, being too busy does not describe His life style.

For certain, He had an agenda, to do the will of the Father, to complete the task of bringing salvation to all the world through His death on the cross.  Nothing could hinder Him from that.  He would let no man determine the course of His activity.

Yet, I never read where Jesus was in a hurry.  And I notice how often He was interrupted and how He took that in stride.  He was moved by compassion for the needs of people.  He spent days healing the sick and demon possed.  He stopped in His tracks when a poor woman touched His garment or a father came running for help for his child.  Those kind of things never seemed to throw Jesus’ schedule off balance.

I have pondered Jesus’ words to his disciples, “I desire mercy and not sacrifice . . . ”  It is a reference to Hosea 6:6 which reads:

“For I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgment of God rather than burnt offerings.”

I need to learn a lesson.  God desires that I exhibit kindness, patience, and mercy to those in front of me, to anyone who interrupts my schedule, rather than an accumulation of completed tasks. He wants me to know Him more than He wants all of my good deeds.

I get that backwards sometimes.

There will always be things to do.  Always.  But I may not always be able to spend time with that person right in front of my eyes, the someone who crosses my path of tasks to finish.  My relationship with my Father and with others and is more important than doing more and more.

In God’s economy less is often more.

For a list of the days of October, go here please.

The colorful “To Do List” is from CleanMama.net.