For your weekend JOY


May the sun sparkle on your snow.

May the hope of spring warm your heart.


May the birds at your feeder remind you the Father’s eye is on the sparrow, and He watches over you.

birds at feeder

Praise Him and count it all a gift.  Counting to 1,000 and more . . .

# 3569 Sparkles on ice cicles

# 3570 Warm fire and snugly blankets

#3571 Birds fluttering and gathering for their feast of seeds

#3572 A day of love to recall the greatest Love of all

Wonderful weekends

As we endure 100 degree plus record-breaking temperatures here in Kentucky and much of the eastern United States, I am thankful for room-darkening shades, insulation, and air conditioning.

May your weekend be cool, and perhaps you will stay indoors to do some reading (here’s a Kentucky author who has captured my bookmark), or playing indoor games with the children, or sipping iced mint tea.

Remember last winter and the snowfall?  Was it only a few short months ago we were bundled in layers and shoveling snow?

Keep your body hydrated and soak your soul in the sounds of Fernando Ortega’s beautiful rendition of Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.

How about starting an organizing project, like dealing with all those digital pictures on your computer, stored in your camera, or taking up room in your iPhone.

I am seeking to have a glad heart so that Sweet William will be refreshed by my spirit of joy.

Whatever you do this weekend, spend it with the people you love.  And tell them how much they mean to you.  Today is precious.  Make it count.

Much blessing to you, dear friend, on this wonderful weekend ~

I’d love to get your feedback on “wonderful weekends,” what I hope to be regular posts.