Thank God for spell check!

I only recently started this blog, and it is truly trial and error so far.  Just this week, my cousin, Candi May, gave me a “blog lesson” which included instructions on putting links into my paragraphs and where the spell check button was located.  I’m so thankful to know where that button is.  I went back through my other posts to spell-check them all and was embarrassed by my typos and spelling errors.  I appreciate any readers’ patience with me and for kindly accepting the offering I presented without criticizing.

While shopping at the Women’s Ministry Craft Fair today, my daughter-in-love and I stopped at a booth and talked with two home-school moms.  One of them commented how it seemed God takes the meager efforts we make to honor Him and multiplies the results beyond what we could ever produce on our own.  And isn’t it so.  We we give a tenth of our income, God makes the remaining ninety percent go farther.  When we offer Him our obedience, the Lord produces much fruit.

So I thank you for being patient with this new venture, my offering.  I will not try to make some super spiritual analogy from my meandering thoughts.  Suffice it to say I am thankful for all God’s gifts, which include people who help me along my journey and for spell-check.