Be still

I am taking my thoughts from a song playing at the Wright House today.

Make no mistake, music is a powerful force.  It can be used for good.  It can be used for something else all together.  It stirs our emotions, reminds us of an experience, speaks to our hearts, calls us to action, gives strength to go forward.

This day I am doing spiritual battle with these words to my heart:  Be Still My Soul.

I can cease from my own efforts to set things right.  I can trust my God who knows the way that I take and has gone before me.  I am plunging headlong into the rivers of His grace.

I don’t have to be in control.  My trying is futile.  I will rest in the unhurried rhythms of grace today, releasing the worries of my mind, knowing He is in control.

water and sky

Photo by Kelly Hay.  Visit her site for more beautiful pictures.

If you want some stillness, come and join in the song.

Be Still My Soul by Don Moen

Be still my soul, Be still my soul
Cease from the labor and the toil
Refreshing springs of peace await
The troubled minds and hearts that ache

Be still my soul, God knows your way
And He will guide, For His name’s sake
Plunge in the rivers of His grace
Rest in the arms of His embrace

Be still my soul, Be still my soul
Though battles round you rage and roar
One thing you need and nothing more
To hear the whisper of your Lord

Be still My child
I know your way
And I will guide
For My name’s sake
Plunge in the rivers of My grace
Rest in the arms of My embrace

Sounds of grace

Sing and make melody in your heart to the Lord.  I hear it deep in my spirit, admonition from Holy Writ.  Very Word.  Very God.

* *   Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus  * *   Blessed Assurance   * *   What a Friend We Have in Jesus   * *

How Great Thou Art   * *   My Hiding Place   * *   Rock of Ages

Praise lightens the load, brightens the outlook.  Praise drives away the demons that torment with their lies and their threats.

Praise is comely, beautiful and pleasant on the face of the saint saved by grace, the one who trusts and lays all doubt at His feet.  Gloom and despair are not the expressions of she who is completely, utterly loved.

Music fills the air, fills the heart and lifts the eyes heavenward to the One and only God whose love is extravagant, the One who gave Jesus to the world, the One who sent the Holy Spirit to comfort in times like these.

I begin to sing and my voice joins the throng of those who worship.  My heart is lighter as I look to Him and Him alone.  Let no other face or foe or fearsome enemy cloud my vision.  It is the Lord who leads the procession of triumph in the fiercest battle.

Fixing my eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of my faith, I see Him in His strength and power.  I know and believe He is all and in all.  He is not shaken nor confounded.  He is faithful and true.

He is Captain of the Lord’s host and the battle is His.  He will be victorious.

Sunday grace friends.