Awesome God


Rich Mullins

Rich Mullins wrote a song in 1988.  “Our God is an awesome God.  He reigns in heaven above with wisdom power and love.  Our God is an awesome God.

Rich was taken from this earth before he turned 50, leaving behind a legacy of music.  He also leaves us something to consider.

Who is this God we worship?  We see only the whisper of His power, only the fringe of His creation.  He cannot be contained.  He is higher than the heavens.  He fills the earth with His glory.

The strangest puzzle of it all is why He condescended to humanity, seeking out the rebel, the hateful, the bigot, the murderer, the thief, the adulterer?  Why did He seek out me, the sinner?

Because He is an God is awesome.  He is . . .

A – Alpha and Omega, beginning and end

B – Beautiful

C – Comforter

D – Deliver

E – Eternal

F – Faithful Father

G – Good

H – Holy

I – I AM

J – Jehovah

K – King of kings

L – Lamb of God

M – Mighty

N – Name above all names

O – Omnipotent

P – Peace Speaker

Q – Quiet Place of rest

R – Righteous

S – Savior

T – True

U – Unequaled

V – Valiant

W – Warrior

X – X-alted

Y  – Yahweh

Z – Zealous for me

And because of who He is, this is who I am . . .

A – Apple of His eye

B – Blessed and Beloved

C – Comforted, Cared for, Created for a purpose

D – Daughter, Delivered

E – Eternally His

F – Favored, Friend of God

G – Grace-filled

H – Heaven bound, made Holy through Jesus

I – Image Bearer

J – Justified

K – King’s daughter all glorious within

L – Light set on a hill

M – More than a conqueror

N – Numbered with the saints

O – Orphaned no more

P – Purchased at a great price

Q – Quieted by His love

R – Robed in Jesus’ Righteousness

S – Saved!

T – Tested and Tried to be purified

U – Undeserving yet brought into His presence

V – Victorious

W – Waiting expectantly for His coming

X – X-cited!

Y – Youth renewed like an eagle

Z – Zealous for Him

Our God is an awesome God.  His love is everlasting.  His mercy knows no end.  His grace is sufficient.  His forgiveness is inexhaustible.  He is God.  He is awesome.