Come let us adore Him

On a busy day, when everywhere we turn traffic clogs, when we go from place to place to place purchasing items on the list, it can be a challenge to find stillness in the rush of madness.

Christmas music on the radio brings rhythm to my feet and encourages a song even while impatient drivers swerve in and out trying to get to their destination a few seconds sooner.

Home at last only to quickly carry in purchases and find a place for them before piano students knock on the door.  They play their songs in preparation for a Christmas recital.  And I smile.

The season is busy and blustery and time rushes and so do I.  And is there enough time to come and adore Him?

There is enough time . . . if I will slow.  Stop.  Be still.

Sitting quietly, I hear the ticking of the clock.  I realize I only hear it when I am quiet.

Quietly I sit and listen for His voice.