A normal life

The other day, I was thinking it would be nice to have a normal life. I won’t even begin to tell you what I think that is. You would probably have a different version of normal.

So what is a normal life? I’m not sure there is one. What I’m probably wishing for is a life designed to my own specifications. One that would be easier than the one I’m living right now. Or at least I think it would be easier, prettier, fancier, if I designed it myself.

It’s a good thing I don’t have that option. In fact, I’m really thankful God does not answer my silly, selfish prayers.

I placed my life in God’s trust so many years ago, and His word tells me He has a perfectly divine design for me. Psalm 139 describes in beautiful detail how I was planned and made according to God’s specifications. It even says all of my days are written in a book.

Now I am all about writing things in a book. I’ve kept a planner for years.  I also journal, keeping records of the past for future reference and future generations who may someday wonder what in the world great-grandmother Wright did with her life.

If I was a design-it-yourself project, I’m afraid I would have missed some of the most memorial events of my life. Not the most pleasant, mind you.  In fact, some of them have been exceedingly painful. Those moments are the ones I remember well, the ones that made such an impact and a difference in me. The hard roads, the excruciating days, the tear-filled weeks, the losses, the squeezing and molding process that was meant to conform me into a Jesus likeness would not have been on my plan sheet. I would never have listed any of them on my To-Do List.

Only God in His all-knowing wisdom would give me such an “abnormal” life. He did it with a purpose in mind, that through it all I would be less me-centered and more concerned for others. That would be the image of Jesus emerging. As a result, He would be glorified.

What is normal?  I still don’t know.  I think it doesn’t exist.  Each person has a life to live, a plan to fulfill, an image to bear.  If that life is surrendered to God as a Christ follower, it will be the best life lived, a perfect plan completed. 


What do you think is a normal life?  Leave your comments.  I’d like your opinion.