What comes naturally

Outside the upstairs window I spied her building the nest.  It was wisely situated high in the fork of the tree, a good location and highly visible from my window.

I watched this robin gather materials from the yard, grasses and twigs, then nestle herself in to test for the comfort factor.  She stood up and rearranged materials again and again.  Then she sat down again and again.  It had to be cozy and just right.

I wished I could have put a camera on her so I could fast forward it to see the entire process.  But life is busy and I had things to do.  I couldn’t just stand and watch her all day.

I did look out my window ever chance I got.  I saw her sitting on the eggs.  Sitting for days.  She sat in the heat when the sun shone through the leaves and she opened her mouth to pant (do birds even pant?).  I saw her sit in the rain storm when droplets fell on her.  She sat because that is what she was created to do.  Her Maker made her with a purpose for this season, and she would do it.

She would not be distracted from her task by anything else.  Because this was her assignment, her duty to perform.

Throughout the weeks I watched as hatchlings bobbled unsteadily in the nest, three of them with mouths wide open.  Both mother and father robin came to feed their babies.  I saw the babies grow bigger and fill the nest.  I saw mother settle in during unseasonably cold nights.  She was their warmth and protection.

Neighborhood cats roamed our yard each morning and evening.  The robin sat and watched.  She did not stray from this one thing she was called to do.

Just a few days ago when I looked out the window, the nest was empty.  No activity at all.  The little ones had grown and flew away, as birds do.

And I consider what it would be like to do what I am called to do in the season I am called to do it.  Not distracted by busy-ness or other people’s agendas or my own selfish whims.  What would it look like to be about my Father’s business instead of my own?

And how do I learn to be content in that and know in my heart it is enough?

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