Smiles for a Monday

Day 27 of 31 Days of October – Roses Among The Thorn

Because some days I just need to smile, you know?

I am not a fan of the common field mouse.  He has ventured into my house on too many occasions, wrecking havoc inside my pantry.  I can fume and fuss for quite awhile as I scour and sanitize the contents and put edibles in glass and metal containers.  Expect a loud squeal if I see one of the little critters.  Just ask Sweet William.

But . . . I can change my opinion even at this age.  As I grow older I want to be open and pliable and able to look at life with fresh eyes.  I want to examine someone else’s viewpoint before I make a judgment.  Especially about something that has to do with my like and dislikes.

[Now if it has to do with my faith and God’s word, there are truths on which I will not waiver.  But we are talking about mice today, OK?]

That said, I came upon some pictures of mice that made me smile.  Yes, smile and not growl.  These small creatures have their purpose on the earth, doing what their Creator made them to do.  I can learn to respect them, even appreciate them.  And yes, smile at them.  Just don’t let them in my front door.

So even if you are not a mouse fan, I bet you can’t not smile at these faces.


28 Teeny Tiny Wild Mice – Click to see some more adorables.

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Monday Joy!

“Oh no, it’s Monday!”

I hope this isn’t your thoughts today.  If the week ahead looks daunting, here is some encouragement.


May the sun shine on your path and light your travels from place to place.

May the thoughts of spring being less than a month away warm you during the cold days.


May you find fun in the ordinary and join in the laughter like a child.

May you get hugs and kisses and give some away.

May you hold close those you love for this is the day we have.  It’s a present.

May you count gifts until your notebook fills.

May you  be aware of the sweet presence of the Holy.

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May the Word of the Lord ring truth in your ears.

Happy Monday!