All is calm

It’s interesting how catchy phrases catch on.  Like the one that originated during World War II and has resurfaced in recent years.

Keep calm and carry on.


It has resulted in multiple “Keep calm and [fill in the blank]” messages for any number of themes.

keep calm1keep calm 3

Calmness is usually not a menu item at our Christmas feasts.

More likely we are serving up:  Countless activities. Running here – Running there.  Shop ’til you drop. Food Network-inspired holiday baking.  Pinterest gift wrapping ideas.  Voluminus holiday events.

The season’s fare has offered so much, and I have been too full to take another bite.

And so I appreciate the words of Holley Gerth.  She speaks my language at Christmas and suggests  this refreshment:

” . . . all that really needs doing has already been done.

We can relax, rest, enjoy…let the house get a little messy, the wrapping paper be a bit crooked, the cookies be scandalously eaten raw with the family and friends we’ve finally gotten back to on that phone.

Christmas is meant to be a gift not a burden. Receive it. Know that you’re loved. Know that it’s enough. Know there is grace for you that came on a tree without any twinkling lights. Know that it is finished. 

Then rest. And rejoice. Because Christ still has Christmas covered.”

Christmas is covered.  It was the intention of the Master of all Event Planners.  He designed it.  He completed it.  It is finished.

Let Christmas be the gift.  Don’t let it become the burden.

Keep calm and Christmas on.