A good hair day


During the month of February, I’ve been talking about love.  One thing I love is having a good hair day.

All the staff at Little Flock were scheduled to have their photos taken this week for the church’s website. I was tempted to pray for a good hair day.  The new photograph will replace the one I had taken several years ago which I thought was a pretty good picture of me. So why do we have to mess with what isn’t broken?  Because staff members have changed since that photo session.  I understand the objective of having the correct pictures on the staff page of the website.  Plus, there does need to be a consistent look for all of us.

When I fixed my hair that morning it looked OK. But would last until 3:00, the time for the photo shoot.  And what about my outfit?  Does it look professional while saying, “I’m in the music department, and we have a great time.” I’m not sure if I chose the colors that will put my complexion and hair color in the best light. Let’s don’t even talk about the lines under my eyes. Hopefully, the morning puffiness will diminish a little before picture time and my eyeglasses will sit on my nose in a way that will conceal the lines.

Funny how much emphasis we women put on having a good hair day. If the hair isn’t right, it doesn’t matter whether the shoes coordinate with the purse, or if the jewelry is matching the colors of my outfit. A bad hair day can bring on a mood like a dark cloud brings the rain.

I’d be tempted to think this phenomenon is a girl-thing. But I remember a bad haircut my Sweet William got from a new stylist a few years ago. It really upset his apple cart. He had to have it redone by his regular barber before the week was out.

My goodness, I put a lot into looking good on the outside, spending my time and my hard-earned money. What if my insides showed on the outside? I don’t mean my internal organs; that would just be gross. I’m talking about my heart condition, the thoughts of my mind, my attitude. Now there’s a picture to consider.

The Bible succinctly says that man looks on the outward appearance but God looks on the heart (1 Samuel 16:7). It makes me wonder how much I’m concealing with a little Cover Girl or Mary Kay.

I’m really glad only God sees the internal me. Hebrews 4:12 and 13 tells me God’s word judges the ideas and thoughts of my heart, that nothing is hidden from Him. In fact, it goes on to say “all things are naked and exposed to the eyes of Him to whom we must give an account.”

Anyone have a few spare fig leaves?

I tremble at His Word. It makes me want to examine myself and see what He is seeing. I can’t hide under make-up, a great hair cut, a darling outfit, or cute shoes. He sees me as I really am.

The good news is He loves me anyway. And He is committed to the purpose of conforming me into the image of Jesus. That takes a heap of grace and the potential for a beautiful outcome.

By the way, I had a really good hair day on Friday. But there was not a camera in sight.