A baby changes everything

She sat across the table from me, her little child in her lap.  She basks in the glow of her first born.  Babies consume our conversation.

She and I share the love of music and the privilege of teaching others to love it.  Now we share motherhood.

Baby girl is 3 months old.  She smiles at me when I talk to her.  I hold her, rocking as we mothers do, and she sleep in my arms.

We talk, this new mom and I, sharing birth stories and the things common to motherhood.  I ask her, “Is your life different now?”  Her response is an undeniable “Yes!”

A baby changes everything.

Seasoned parents just can’t explain it to the expectant ones.  We can’t describe how life will be different and never, ever go back to the way it was before.  We cannot draw a clear enough picture of how birth pangs start the process of a heart being ripped wide open when that child is place in your arms and suddenly all the love you have gushes out uncontrolled.

God sent a Baby to change everything.

His heart burst wide open for the love of this pitiful world of frail humanity stumbling around in the dark.  He chose to try to explain His love for us with a baby, One who was like us but so other than.

This Baby would change the world, change the way we live and love because He brought grace and forgiveness.  He made peace between the created and the Creator and broke down the wall that separated.

After 400 years of silence, this Baby’s first cry was God’s Word to a broken world.  And the world was never the same.

Because a Baby changes everything.

baby jesus