About Peggy

I am a sojourner in this world, traveling to a better home in the far away heavens.  My life is filled with beautiful Bill and Me, Dad's party 2011 in Bl and Wh, by Elysegifts from God above, in whom there is no variableness, neither any shadow of turning.

My Sweet William is my companion, my friend, my husband of over four decades.  Our love produced an affectionate, funny, hard-working, gifted son who brought home a beautiful young woman one day, and we claimed her as our daughter-in-love.  Together they have given us 3 charming and delightful grandchildren who call me Grammy.  I love that name!

I have been blessed with the gift of music.  Even more wonderful, I get to share it with my piano students.  What a delight to see and hear the music in them.

I have a Savior, Jesus Christ the Lord, who called my name when I was a child.  His touch on my life has left its mark.  I want to share that love with others however I can whether that be through music, teaching, writing, or conversations at the table over a cup of coffee.

I hope we become friends.




13 thoughts on “About Peggy

  1. I didn’t realize this was here and I already commented on your facebook! lol But I did subscribe to your writing. You have motivated me to set up a blog too. I set up a small one on blogspot (I think it is called) but can’t even remember how to access it anymore (not that I ever wrote anything!). But I do believe I will do this. I have been encouraged by a lot of people to set one up but was never sure what topic to begin it with? You picked a really good way with a bible study. I’ll talk to you later! Love ya!

  2. You forgot to mention what a wonderfully talented writer you are! I have very fond memories of growing up with you the few years we were granted to be together! I am now glad we have reconnected through Facebook.

  3. Peggy Wright, I would like to explore the apparent family connection (last name Lockard) with your late uncle as I have been Uncle Leo for many years. I am sorry for your loss. I would like to learn more about this branch of the Lockard family. Perhaps you would be willing to correspond?

    • Mr. Lockard, my grandfather was Rev. Charles Edgebert Lockard, born in 1887. He died on March 3, 1964. He was the pastor of the Fairdale Church of God for 25 years in the Louisville, KY area. He and his wife, Bertha Ray Lockard had three children. My mother was the oldest. My uncle Leo was the youngest. He was born in 1926, I believe.

      I would like to know if there is any connection in our families. I’ve not met many people with the name Lockard, spelled the same. Perhaps we can correspond by email.

  4. peggy, I would like to know if you would share your testimony on our fb page: https://www.facebook.com/MalakHaElohiem where we are trying to build a place for Christians to leave their testimonies for those who will be “left behind” and for those looking to understand what a personal relationship with Christ means to others.


    Malak Ha Elohim means Witness for Jesus

    Thank you,

    Susan Bash
    Witness for Jesus

  5. Love your blog.
    I found it because I am a fellow member of the B&H/ Blogger group.
    Lynn B.

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