Sunday grace

What if it isn’t about religion but about relationship?

What if isn’t about our effort, our work, sweat, and tears but about receiving the grace of the Person of Christ Jesus?

What if it isn’t about trying to keep all the rules but about keeping company with Him?

What if knowing Jesus personally, not just knowing about Him, is the main thing?

Would life be simpler? Would trust be easier? Would praying be as natural as talking to a friend? Would the Word of God become more of a love letter than a letter of law?

What if we knew every life is valuable and eternal? Would we treat each other and ourselves with more gentleness and kindness?

What if we understood that we are known intimately and loved completely. Would it be easier to receive love and to love others?

What if tribulations really produced endurance, perseverance, compassion, and understanding? Would it be easier to count it all joy and give thanks in all circumstances?

What if life in the here and now is meant to prepare us for the everafter? Would hard experiences make more sense? Would we be more heavenly minded and more earthly good?

What if the Bible is true? What if there is a God who planned and created all we see? What if we are important enough for Him to die for us?

What if He truly offered a life more abundant? Would it make a difference to you?

It makes a difference to me.

Sunday grace.

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