Sunday grace

I awake, move toward the coffee pot in the kitchen. I open the window over the sink, as is my habit. Coolness flows in.

The day dawns glorious as night must give way to the day. The sun will not allow darkness to remain.

I read the Word, seeking comfort. I want music this morning, something to soothe the ache in my heart. I put on a CD in the player, the piano solo begins, and this is my testimony:

In my moments of fear, though every pain every tear,
There’s a God Who’s been faithful to me.
When my strength was all gone, when my heart had no song,
Still in love He’s proved faithful to me.
Every word He’s promised is true. What I thought was impossible
I’ve seen my God do.
He’s been faithful, faithful to me.

He’s Been Faithful    by Damaris Carbaugh 

I lift my hands in honor and worship to the One who has been faithful to me. In every situation, both joyful and painful.

He was near when I felt Him and when I didn’t.

He was with me when I laughed and when I cried.

He was present in the moments of my conception and He will take my hand when I breathe my last breath.

He has been there in the good, the bad, the ugly, and the glorious.

I look back and see His faithfulness. I look forward with faith in God my Savior.

Sunday Grace.

Sunrise by MaRanda Green


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