Making room

The heart carries a lot.

Yesterday afternoon, my heart was glad as two friends sat at our table. We ate, talked, and laughed together for hours. It was a gift of time, and my heart filled with the reward of friendship.

My hurt hearts this morning. After hearing of another untimely death last night, Sweet William and I agree that sad news is too much a part of this December .

I ponder the Christmas story in the gospels of Luke and Matthew, trying to see the narratives with fresh eyes. I’ve heard the accounts since I was a child, sung the carols, read the devotionals and commentaries, and written about it in one way or another.

The drama is old yet new. Every year it presents the mystery of a love that cannot be explained. It leaves questions unanswered in my mind. I marvel at the miracles scattered throughout like stars in the sky and angelic visitations as common as the postal delivery.

Never was there such a love story.

But if I am not careful, if I am not intentional, the beauty of it can be crowed out of my heart by the trappings of the season. The shopping, the cooking, the preparations, the events and parties, the busy schedules, and yes, even the heartache and sorrow can push aside the reality that is Christmas. My focus can become clouded by the daily stressors.

I must make room for the Savior.

In our 21st century fast-paced living, there seems to be no slowing down. We live in an age that requires much of us, our thoughts swirling like snowflakes in a wind. Our minds are scattered with obligations and to-do lists, the next project, the next appointment. There are people to see and places to go and any number of things that need our attention.

What am I to do to make room for the Savior?

He longs to be part of this celebration, this party for His birthday. But is He? Is He a Sunday morning thought as I rush about to get to church on time and after I’ve done my duty, is He simply a check off the list so I can continue with my plans?

Jesus will interrupt the plan. He will come in an unexpected, unexplained way. He will change everything.

If we accept His invitation to stop in our tracks and listen to the still small voice, nothing will be the same. Some won’t quite understand. Others might think we are a bit confused in our thinking, gone off the deep end.

If we make room in our hearts and in our lives for the Savior, He will take us on a journey we could not have imagined. It might be hard, challenging, overwhelming even.

But it could be miraculous and filled with wonder.

Let every heart prepare Him room this Christmas. Perhaps the world will witness and be curious. Perhaps some will ask why. Perhaps one or two will see Christ.

And then they also will stand amazed at an amazing grace and make room for the Savior.




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