Sunday grace

I glanced up from the Bible study book I was reading, my eyes turned toward the windows facing east. The sunrise was beginning to emerge.

I went to the front door and saw the brilliance, called for Maisie to come, knowing we must go out and experience the early morning beauty.

The rays of pink spread its arms wide in the sky, reaching all the way around as if trying to clasp fingers together. So perfectly splendid was this new day, this fresh start, this beginning again with fresh mercies cupped in a Father’s hand for His children.

We walked the length of our lane enjoying the crisp start of this day. I spoke it aloud to myself, “I choose joy.” It has become my mantra of late, this purposefully choosing to take whatever comes and accept it with the joy that is my inheritance of grace.

As we turned to walk home, the sky had already turned, from bright pink to soft mauve to muted grey. In a matter of minutes the overhead expanse was now clouded.

Is it not the way of life? Happiness turned to disappointment. Contentment turned to frustration. Love turned to hate. All too quickly our circumstances and our emotions teeter on a precarious see-saw. With a bump in a different direction, we are thrust into the depths.

Choose joy. It is the way of seeing good in all things.

Choose joy. It is how we can view life with hope.

Choose joy. It is how we look for our Father’s face in the dark.

Choose joy. No matter what. The sun shines brightly even behind the clouds.

Sunday grace.

Sunrise by MaRanda GreenPhotograph by MaRanda


2 thoughts on “Sunday grace

  1. I’m with you girl, I choose joy, no matter what has come my way. Thank you for reminding me the “what” to choose. My mind gets so cluttered at times, I can’t see the “where” or “what.”

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