Sunday grace

“If I want to abide in this day, to make my home in it, I must only tear my eyes from tomorrow and look around. For there is a wholeness to this day that I do not want to miss.”    — Roots & Sky, Christie Purifoy

Yesterday is over with its tasks accomplished and the ones left undone. Words were spoken, tears shed, joy expressed, love embraced.

Tomorrow is only an empty promise. It may or may not come for any and all of us. The hopes and dreams it holds are fragile and illusive.

But today is here. This is the day I have been given. The newness of it, the beauty of it, the splashes of color and light that lay before me. And what will I do with this gift?

Live it to its fullest. Give thanks for its opportunities to love and be loved. Taste it and see that it is delicious.

What this day holds is held by my Father in Heaven. He knows how it will unfold and present its joy and sorrow, for they walk together, those two.

I will walk into the light of this new day with the One who never leaves me and will not let me go. We journey into it together.

I will rejoice and be glad and look for grace.

Sunday grace.



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