Sunday grace

The cool morning of a July day is surprising. It delights while it lasts.

The day will unfold, us not knowing what it will bring. In the next hour, the next minute.

Nothing stays the same. Earth shifts. Seasons come and then go. Birth and death are always moving in tandem.

One phone call, one decision, one word changes the landscape of the journey.

What are we to do when the unexpected turns us in a different direction? How do we navigate from this new position?

Trusting God’s faithfulness is the only way to walk in confidence. Knowing He is in control, that He is good and strong and loving.

Holding on to the unchanging promises, resting in His unfathomable love, turning our eyes toward the beauty of His countenance. It is the way of peace.

Great is His faithfulness. Great is His grace.

Sunday grace.





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