Because summer should be slower, right?

I know it’s not necessarily true. It has not always been for me. However this year, June has been restful as I am giving myself time to heal and recuperate and, let’s be honest, be a bit lazy. The word used to be like a curse word to me. Don’t call me lazy!

Lazy is not in my genes. It was not the way I was taught or what I caught from my parents. But I don’t remember them being frantic and over extended in the same way we are today. They were industrious, but they also knew how to enjoy life. They took long leisurely drives. They visited people, talking for hours. And they sat on the deck watching a storm move in.

Technology is part and parcel of our lives in the 21st century, but it should not rule us or be an extension of our hands with a cell phone constantly being the boss of us.

So here’s a blog from The Life Project you might like to chew on.

Hurry Up!



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