may ending

i had a little hand surgery this week. i say little because it seems small in comparison to the many procedures sweet william has endured and the serious issues facing people for whom we pray. but actually it was a big deal to me, and i was a bit wimpy with my brave face on.

one-handed typing is a challenge. i won’t post a picture of my bandaged appendage. you’re welcome.

little things are difficult, like taking off the cap of my medicine bottle and snapping the leash to maisie’s collar.

the entire week felt like a plan coming together. the house got cleaned, the laundry caught up, maisie had a bath after rolling in something stinky, and i finished piano lessons with my students in preparation for taking off the next month.

my neighbor offered help walking maisie, and a friend brought us dinner. (and all of us rescued maisie when she slipped out of her harness and ran the neighborhood, landing hot and panting in a marshy puddle. second bath in three days.)

sweet william is doing his best to care for me, opening those pesky containers and fixing coffee.

i say all that (and type without caps because it’s just hard and taking a ridiculously long time) because i may not be posting much in the next couple of weeks. i plan on taking care of peggy this time around. i don’t always do that well. i have pressed on and been the “strong one” enough times. i’ve dried my tears and walked the hard road alone occasionally. i’m not sorry i did. but this time i need to practice self-care which i am learning is not selfish but necessary from time to time.

the month of may will end with a quite weekend for us at the wright house. there are library movies and books in a basket, frozen meals and sandwich fixings in the fridge, clean clothes in the dresser drawers.

there will be walks down our lane with the honking of geese, the sweet smell of honeysuckle, the sun on our faces.

i will rest and recuperate. i will give thanks to God who made these bodies to heal themselves, for refined medical procedures and kind personnel, for the one good hand that carries the load for a few weeks, for sweet william brewing a strong pot of coffee and asking what he  can do to help, and for friends and family who care enough to call, to text, to come, to bring food.

i am blessed beyond measure. even on my wimpiest day.





12 thoughts on “may ending

  1. Sorry to hear of your pain and inconvenience.  Take the needed and well-deserved rest.  Know that many are praying for you and look forward to your quick and complete recovery.  Bless you and Bill, Peggy, for you are a blessing to so many!Love, Bob and Sharon

  2. Awww Peggy,

    I wish you had said something earlier. What can I do to help? Pleeease… AsK! (did I make my ‘please’ long enough to make my point… hehehe)

    Anyway, being a bit nosey I shall ask… what’s wrong with your hand!?!? There, I said it… :~ )

    I will be praying for you, your hand & a speedy recovery.

    Love you ♡ … Lee

  3. You know we both are praying for God’s speedy recovery for you. Yes, you’re so right, it’s your turn to take some time for yourself. It’s not a selfish act at all. Love you dear friend as I’m praying for you right now.

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  7. Hi Peggy sorry to hear you had trouble with your hands ,I have had to deal with that also. God had to show me too, its ok to take care of me ,This article is a much needed one in the Christian world .Thanks for sharing this ,take care of yourself and know all your fans and friends are praying and LOVE you !!!!!! Anna Butner

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