Sunday grace

The Westminster Catechism proclaims the chief end of man is to Glorify God and enjoy him forever.

It is a call to communion, a call to relationship.

God is always the initiator, coming to walk in the garden with Adam and Eve and still seeking them when they hid themselves in their shame.

God called Abraham and wanted to be friends.  He talked with Moses face to face.  He claimed Israel as His wife.

He sent Jesus, thus inviting us to call God our Father, showing us the depth and height, the width and length of love.

The Holy Spirit came to live in His children, ever present to teach us, to empower us, to lead us.

God has made every effort to give us the pleasure of His company.  Nature itself trumpets Him and is testimony of His gifts to mankind.

How do you respond today?

By enjoying God and what He has made we will glorify Him.  A life lived in the joy of salvation and the hope of eternity reflects the light of Heaven.  Finding pleasure in the earth’s beauty draws us to its Maker.

Glorify God and enjoy Him today.

Sunday grace.



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