Sunday grace

Sometimes I’ve asked the question, “Who am I?”

Am I the person who applies make-up and coifs the hair and dresses in matching colors?  Or am I the one who lounges in her pajamas a little too long some days?

Am I the work I produce, the one who can get the job done?  Or am I the one who quiets herself in the morning and contemplates the universe?

Am I the wife, mother, grandmother, volunteer, teacher, neighbor?  Or am I still searching for myself?

Sometimes I wonder.

Perhaps I am all of the above, a combination of skills and talents and personality and experiences that God is using to conform me, to make me, to mold me into the real me.  The me He planned in the beginning.

Perhaps I am becoming as each day passes.  His love is working in me, that unfailing, unconditional, ever-present love that wraps me in assurance.  An assurance that speaks to my heart, “I will always love you, no matter what.”

I find comfort in that kind of love.  I can stop striving and learn to rest.  I can stop trying to prove myself and accept that I am greatly valued by my Creator.

God’s love for me is a constant in a world that changes constantly.  I can be who I am in the Presence of the I Am.

I can find acceptance for myself when I find myself submerged in His grace.  The grace that is always amazing.101_0711

Sunday grace.




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