And it was night

It was a dark night.

For Judas who walked away from the Passover, into his own passion for something other than he’d been offered, who left the Light of the world, it was dark.

For the leaders and authorities who refused to believe and accept the Son sent from God the Father, it was dark.

For the twelve disciples and others who loved Him, who saw Jesus arrested, convicted and crucified, it was the darkest of days and nights.

Jesus came to bring light, but for a while it seemed as if the light had been extinguished, and they were left in darkness.

Judgment must come.  Sentence would be passed and punishment meted out.  The prince of the world would be cast out.  And darkness veiled the earth for a time.

Those who will not believe remain in the darkness still.

Resurrection day will come at break of dawn.  Light will arise and shine throughout the world.


Those who accept the Son and the Father who sent Him, will walk in the light.

And they will never be afraid of the dark again.




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