Sunday grace

Easter is not just one Sunday in spring

As we approach the day the Christian community calls Easter, it would behoove us to remember how we got to this place.

The Day of Resurrection is a celebration of life.  Jesus’ life.   And the offer of life to whosoever will receive it.  This is an astounding invitation.  And a completely unequaled exchange.

His life for mine.

My debt paid by Him who had none.

His righteousness becoming my righteousness.

His inheritance shared with me.

His death bringing me, the broken, sinful one, a new lease on life.

Abundant life.  Eternal life.

Present grace and future glory.

All because of a cross, a grave, an empty tomb, and a Love that would rather die than live without me.

Miraculous. Merciful. Grace.


Sunday grace.

love cross

2 thoughts on “Sunday grace

  1. Peggy, This is the one I made a copy of on paper and read to my family, extended family, and even a Dr. who was there and has adopted our family as his too far away family, before we ate our dinner. I read it as an invitation to the ones who don’t know the Lord as their Savior to come and see, this Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, is different than any other Sunday of the 1st day of our calendar week. I heard as I was reading this, in the background, someone said,” this is a prayer.” As I thought that over, yes, it is a prayer for the believers who know, really know the Lord and what He did, but it is also a prayer for the unbelievers to come hear with open hearts and open ears and open spirits to come and receive. Thank you Peggy, for the words you wrote, and I was able to read an open invitation to the ones who won’t listen to my words. Seeds were planted that Resurrection Sunday. The Seed that must die, that we may live. Grace. Miraculous. Amazing Grace!

    • Mary Lou, your words melt me this morning. So kind and encouraging. Thank you. And we thank our great God for His indescribable gift to us, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. May our lives be lived to the praise of His glory.

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