Sunday grace


God is love.  Not that God loves, an action, but that love is His essence.  He embodies love.

When He moves, creates, judges, offers grace, it is Him being true to His nature.


When we move, create, judge it is more often out of selfish interest.  Our concern for ourselves motivates us too much.

When we give grace, we imitate the God who is love.

Give grace today.  Give grace to those who look different, who think differently, who act in a way different from us.

Give grace to those who offend and hurt us with their words and actions.  God will judge rightly.

Give grace to yourself when you mess up for the umpteenth time.  Accept the grace given by God, the forgiveness He offers that covers a multitude of sins.  Don’t keep carrying that dead weight around.

The cross testifies to the love of God, the essence of God, that He loves us so much He was willing to die and take our punishment rather than live without us.

Oh the wonder of love.  The wonder of God.

Sunday grace.




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