I wonder

I wonder if the birds in my backyard know me at all?

I feed the birds regularly during those cold months when they fluff their feathers to hold in body heat and need extra energy to stay warm.  Sometimes the squirrel sneaks in to pick up the leftovers, and I get aggravated at him and shoo him away.

In winter, it is my pleasure to provide extra food for our feathered friends.  Their variety amazes me. The personality traits can be seen in each species. The blue jays are big and bossy, always taking over. The doves are complacent, minding their own business.  The woodpecker checks out hidden places in cracks and crevices the other birds can’t reach. The cardinals come in pairs.  And the little birds – chick-a-dees, wrens, and tufted titmice – they wait their turn and pick up small seeds left behind.  And I wonder if they know I am the provider of the seed and the fresh water on my deck?

Sometimes I call to them, “Come on, birdies.” And I imagine they recognize my voice and are just waiting for my invitation.  But do they really?

If I go outside my door, the birds all scatter.  They appear more afraid than friendly to me.  But why should they be?  I like them.  I enjoy them.  I feed them.

But they don’t know me.  They just like the seed I spread out for them.

How often have I gobbled up all the Father has provided for me without noticing Him?

How much do I take for granted that He will provide?

How quick am I to say thanks?  Do I just run scared if He tries to communicate with me?

I don’t want to hide when God comes near.  I want to know Him.  Because He wants to be known by me.

That in itself is astounding.  The Creator wants the created to know Him. He reveals Himself in so many ways so I can.

His provision is just one of those ways.  His gifts come regularly.  His voice is heard throughout the earth.  He offers grace upon grace for those who will receive.

He calls to me, and sometimes I don’t even notice or pay attention.  How sad that is.


The birds in my back yard teach me a lesson.

God loves me.  He takes care of me.  He wants communion with me.

How then shall I respond?



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