Sunday grace

The house is dark, one small lamp burning by the chair where I sit and read, write, think.

I watch the light begin to appear through the front window facing east, and I see the moon setting slowly in the west horizon.  God causes the universe to continue in it’s swirling.  He hung each planet and star and set them in their order.  He planned this place called earth for mankind.

I read the Psalms and pray them in a whisper, feeling faith rise in my heart because these are His words.  He gave them.  He is the One who will be faithful to complete them.

Let all those who take refuge in and put their trust in the one and only God rejoice.

Let them sing and shout for joy because God makes a covering over them and defends them.

Let those who love His name be joyful in Him and be in high spirits.

He is a shield.  He is a hiding place.  He is a shelter.

He is a warrior.  And He calls me to do battle with Him.  He provides the armor for my protection.  He has worn it and proven it strong enough for me.

Let God arise and His enemies be scattered.  He is victorious!

And so I will rejoice.

Sunday grace.


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