Light shining

It is frigid outside.  But the house faces east, and morning sun rises in that direction.  Even on a day like this, I feel the warmth as I open the wood door and the light shines through the storm door.  It’s a beautiful day, and I’m expecting my neighbor to stop by.  The open door will welcome her.

As I start preparing breakfast, I glance where the shining light now floods the hall and kitchen floors.  There is dirt everywhere, particles of food, hair from our heads, and didn’t I just run the battery vac over this area yesterday?  Where has all this come from already?

I begin to wipe up (because Heaven forbid my neighbor might think I’m not the perfect housekeeper).  I would not have notice the dirt but for the sunlight showing it up so glaringly.

god is light

How often the light of His glory has shown up the dirt in me, the particles left from my humanity and sinfulness, the places where I have struggled today. Yesterday. Last week.

If I remain in the dark, I’m not so quick to see those things that need attention.   God does not intend for me to remain in the dark.  He calls me to the light. The light of His presence. The light of His Word. The light of the cross.

And when I stand there in the light of who He is, I see myself, really see.  The faults, the failings, the imperfections that keep showing up too frequently.  (And Heaven forbid that my neighbor or anyone else should think I’m not doing well, not living right or holy or perfect, for crying out loud!)

I bow low knowing He alone can wipe the slate clean.  Again.  The mercies and grace that were fresh for me yesterday are fresh for me today as well.

Oh how I need that.  Oh how I need to remember it.

God of the second chance, it’s me.  Again.

Light of God shine on me.  I open the door of my heart to You.  You are a safe place for me to fall.  You know me better than I know myself.  You love me in spite of myself.  And Your love covers a multitude of my sin.

Where sin abounds, grace abounds even more.  The light of His grace.  The light of His glory.




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