Be the vessel

Sometimes it’s something someone says.  Sometimes it’s a sermon I hear.  Sometimes it’s both.  And the thoughts begin to form in my mind.  Such was the case yesterday at church.

Be the vessel that God uses to display His glory.

Do you sing, teach, speak?

Do write letters, write manuals, write a blog?

Do you fix things, build, inspect?

Do you advise, manage, organize?

Do you sympathize, empathize, cry with and pray for?

Do you offer a healing touch, listen with your heart, touch tenderly?

Do you nurture, give care to children or the elderly or a family member?

Do you discipline, disciple, instruct?

Do you make people laugh, make them think, make them feel at home?

Are you a true friend, a good neighbor, a loving parent or grandparent?

Then you are a vessel for the glory of God to shine through.  As His glory filled the tabernacle in the wilderness and the temple built by Solomon, His Spirit now fills each believer. We have the potential to unveil the glory.  Think of it!  His glory in us.  Declaring Him to the world.

It is in our brokenness, our poorness of spirit that He shines bright, offering light for the lost world to behold Him.

All that we have, each and every gift, talent, and experience is designed by the Creator on purpose. It comes from His hand.  Out of the abundance of His love He supplies our strength, our thinking processes, our ability to do anything.  Shall we not then return it to Him by being the vessel through which He displays His glory and His love?

Whatever it is you do, let it be to the praise of His glory.  And be the vessel.





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