In the stillness

On a busy Monday, when everywhere we turn traffic will clog, when we have jobs to go to before vacation time kicks in, when we go from place to place and yet another place purchasing gifts on the list – it can be a challenge to find stillness in the rush of madness.

My list of tasks is long today.  I need items from the grocery that I should have gotten last week.  The dirty clothes pile is getting big and I really must do laundry.

I check my calendar and wonder how it got so full this week and if I will be able to accomplish it all.

The season is busy and blustery and time rushes and so do I.  And is there enough time to come and adore Him?

There is enough time . . . if I will slow.  Stop my frenzied thoughts.  Be still.

Sitting in the silence this early morning, I hear the ticking of the clock.  I realize I only hear it when all is quiet.  When I am quiet.

In the stillness, I sit and listen for His voice.


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