A simple year

I don’t have a themed Christmas tree nor is there one in every room.

There are still boxes (yes boxes!) of decorations upstairs that are completely full.  This year, I just didn’t want to overdo and be overdone with the whole decorating process.

There are enough reds and greens at the Wright House.  Nativity sets sit on table tops to remind us, and any who enter, why we do this thing called Christmas.

But this year, it’s simpler.  And I’m OK with it.  Actually, I’m really good with it.

I like driving at night and looking at houses with lights on roof lines, trees and bushes in the yards.  I remember a year when I was a child, and my uncle, who lived next door, completely outlined his house in colored lights.  From a distance, it looked like it was glowing in the sky.  It was wonderful!

We’ve never done anything so elaborate.  I put simple lights in my windows because they take me back to my childhood home.  I recall decorating with my mother when I was a small girl, sweet memories.

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It seems I see a trend toward simplifying our lives and learning to live on less.  Maybe we are trying to learn contentment?  Perhaps the pendulum is swinging in the other direction after our “more is better” kind of lifestyle.

The Nativity StoryI watched an old movie this week, The Nativity, and noticed the drab clothing of the community where young Mary lived while Joseph planed his proposal.  There were no bright colors or extravagances in their lives.  They were doing what was needed to survive.

And within the simplicity of their existence, the most glorious event took place, the promised Messiah came to an ordinary young girl, engaged to be married to an ordinary working-class man.

And then it all begins to get interestingly complicated.  Glory is splashed all around.  Angels appear with unbelievable messages.  Dreams direct the next move.  Magnificent light shines around.  Brilliant signs appear in the heavens.  Foreign dignitaries bring rich gifts.  Plain people proclaim prophetic words.  And Mary ponders it all in her heart.

Suddenly the simple life became wondrous.  Grand.  Splendorous!

Perhaps that can happen to us.  In our simplier celebrations this year, perhaps we will see His glory, the glory of only Begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.



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