The best ever

I waited in the grocery store check out line and read the magazine highlights promising my best Christmas ever.  The short catchy phrases aimed at tempting me to purchase caused me to shake my head.

“Smoothie off 21 pounds by Christmas.”

I like smoothies but 24/7?  And it’s December 9th?  Don’t think that’s gonna happen.

“163 Festive Ideas” on a picture perfect cover.

That’s just what I need, 163 more ideas to add to my already full list.

“Holiday Baking.  Love is homemade.”

So is it unloving if I buy prepackaged cookies?martha stewart


And is there anyone in the world who can measure up to Martha’s standard?  Never mind that she has hundreds of staff people who help make it all perfect.  So maybe if I try harder. . .

There are just too many expectations this time of year.  There was a day when I might have made an effort to do what these magazines enticed.  But I’m a little older and hopefully a little wiser.

My Christmas will not improve by efforts to perform amazing feats in the area of food, decorating, or fitness.

The best Christmas ever has already come.   It was the birth of Jesus.  We can’t really improve on that.

What I need is to find a quiet place at the beginning of the day to spend time with my God and listen for the soft whisper of the Holy Spirit before the noise and clamor of the world shouts for me to hurry, get it done, try harder, do more.

The best Christmas ever is ready for the taking.  Take Jesus.100_3294


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