With us

And His name shall be called Emmanuel.


The Hebrew interpretation is “with us God.”

A God who is with us.  Think about it.  Let it sink down into your soul.  The greatest One with whom there is no comparison or equal wants to be with us.  Us.  Us the created.  The fallen ones.  The sinful.  The reprobates.

It is beyond me to understand this.  And yet it is a primary truth in the Christmas story.  A baby is promised and His name shall be called Emmanuel.

After 400 years of heavenly silence, a word comes.  A word from God.  Though the silence was deafening, He had not forgotten or forsaken His people.  He was sending Someone to be with us.  And that Someone will be small, helpless, defenseless.  He will need someone to care for Him.  Those “someones” will be the reprobates and sinners.

And I ask Mary’s question, “How can this be?”

Only a love beyond measure can explain it.  Even then I am unable to comprehend that kind of love.  My love is no match to it.

The greatest gift of Christmas is the With Us God who came to earth.  He gave us Himself.Christmas-Ribbon-Tree

Let every heart prepare Him room.

Make space for Him.  Unwrap the Gift and behold the glory.  Take the Gift and receive the grace and beauty offered.

The With Us God has come.


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