Sunday grace

We enter the week of Thanksgiving.

Hopefully I have been thankful each day of November and am learning to have a grateful heart at all times and under all circumstances.  My joy journal should be filled with many entries listing the daily graces I’ve looked for and recorded.

I’ve been given much.  I wish I had been better at being thankful. But I was not.

And yet, the Perfect One continues to give.  He is the Fount of Every Blessing.

When Jesus had given thanks, he broke the bread and said, “Take this and eat it.  It is my body . . . ”

He gave thanks and gave the bread.  He gave His body.  He gave His life.  He keeps giving grace.

As I recognize how much I’ve been given, I want to respond with gratitude and thanksgiving.  And then perhaps my life will become a life of worship.

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forgot not all His benefits.

Sunday grace.




One thought on “Sunday grace

  1. So good…so true. I have not been good at Thanking him for each and every Grace in days gone past. Thankful for
    1000 Gifts for Ann’s encouraging words,
    where life forever changed, took on new meaning, victory, a Hallmark moment, new beginning, I starting counting gifts…for you Peggy sharing Priscilla’s Fervent and your blog today sharing real, brokenness, and daily graces…

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