Daily joy

I messaged a friend last night that I’d been a little under the weather, and then commented what an odd statement that was.  So I looked up the actual meaning of the phrase.  It can mean a little ill or a little drunk.  Being a teetotaler my whole life, maybe I should look for another apt description of the last few days of being a little ill.  I often remind myself to be careful of using the common sayings I’ve heard all my life.  Once I was speaking to a group and used one such saying, completely ignorant of its meaning.  A relative told me later what it’s origin was and I was embarrassed for days, maybe weeks.  I still remember it with chagrin.

flagsI missed getting to post about Veteran’s Day.  And I wanted to give honor where honor is due.  The men and women in our armed services deserve my thanks on more than just one day in November.  I remember my dad who served in World Word II, the stories he told of God’s very real presence in battle conditions.  There are friends my own age who served during a very unpopular war when the riots in the streets of our own country shared as much news time as did events in Viet Nam.

There is the man who used to be a boy in my Sunday school class; we wrote letters during his military service.  I once worked with someone preparing to be an army chaplain.  I found out he carried a gun to work, and somehow that made me feel safe.

And then there was the young soldier of a young wife who gave his all on the battlefield.  Sweet William and I got the call that every family dreads.  We shared as much as we could the tremendous loss this family endured.

I wanted to say “thanks” to them and all who serve and make my life better.

But it is Friday now, the week mostly gone.  I’ve had to cancel appointments and piano lessons because I was not up to venturing out and didn’t want to spread my germs.  My calendar and to do list have been rearranged and rescheduled.

In spite of my less than perky self, there has been joy along the way.  I started a quilt project with the encouragement of friends who offered instruction.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but lacked the courage to begin.

I had coffee with a friend one morning.  It had been too long since we had seen each other.   Our conversation was full of catching up.  There was so much we had to say to each other.  We laughed and teared up and planned on more time together.

Sweet William has been tender during my discomfort, helping out when he could, staying close and spending time with me while I vegetated on the couch.  He watched Hallmark movies with me without complaint.

There was an email from someone dear who said kind things and was thankful for our friendship.  And I think I am the one who is blessed.

Some young friends came today to help with a project that was too much for us.   Volunteers from Habitat for Humanity had scheduled to pick up some building supplies we no longer needed.  Sweet William and I wondered how it was all going to happen with the two of us not being a good whole right now.  Our young, strong friends were an answer to prayer.

During this week of not feeling so well, I’ve had a warm house and warm pajamas, over-the-counter meds to relieve my discomfort and a honey-vinegar mixture for my cough, texts saying I was being prayed for, and people.  It’s the people who bring so much to my life.

God’s Word has been sweet, as always.  In His presence is fullness of joy.  He is good even on the worst days.

His blessings fell like droplets of dew each morning, even during a week like this.  And that is reason for joy.

2 thoughts on “Daily joy

  1. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well…this change in weather usually gets me too…but, I just had a stomach virus I guess…but, the pain was really bad…Food poisining???…who really ever knows…But, when “we” are down…it seems to place a “cog in the wheel”…You might want to go look that up…and see if it works in my situation…ha, ha!

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