Ending October simply

If you have been reading this month, you know by now that I used the thought of simplicity for my October posts.  I usually go with a theme in December leading up to Christmas and during the Lenten season before Resurrection Sunday (Easter).  But I’ve enjoyed writing about simple things this month and am considering a theme for November.  Stay tuned.

Here are some simple thoughts that are randomly running through my mind as October winds down and comes to a simple ending.


  • As kiddos are dressing up tonight as some sort of favorite character or applying fake blood to look creepy, I remember when our one and only son was a Webelo in the Boy Scout troupe he joined.  There was a costume party, and boys and parents dressed up.  I donned a dark cape and flowing skirt, applied darkly shaded makeup and fake fangs to portray myself as a vampire of sorts.  When I looked in the mirror, I scared myself.  No seriously, I looked evil.  It’s the last time I ever did that.

And I wonder what happens to all that candy gathered tonight?

  • In our culture, the next couple of months will be anything but simple.  Christmas decorations have been in the stores for weeks.  The potential is there for us to overdo, overdecorate, overspend, overcommit, overeat, and before you know it Christmas is over, and will we have enjoyed it or just endured it?

I’ve looked at my list of gifts to buy for some folk who already have what they need.  Adults with enough sweaters and scarves.  Kids with enough gadgets and toys.  Friends who don’t want something else to sit on the shelf. And what would happen if I gave my Christmas money to those who really are in need and spent my time and energy on people and experiences and worshiping the newborn King?

  • I just discovered that tonight is “fall back,” the better part of the daylight’s savings plan.  And let me tell you I don’t like anything about the plan.  Just when my bodily system had adjusted to “spring forward,” time moves again.
  • I did my very first book review in October, Fervent by Priscilla Shirer, and I’m glad I did.  It has opened up another avenue of creativity for me and I look forward to doing another review.

The winner of the free copy of the book has been notified.  I appreciate all those who left their comments.  Your words matter to me, more than you know.  Sometimes I write and post and then wonder where my words go and is anyone out there.  Your comments let me know that, yes, you are out there.

  • October has been less frantic than September.  I am going to do my very best to move into the coming holiday season with the same determination to spend my time well, to be intentional about making commitments, to choose the best over the good, to seek God’s will where He wants me to use my gifts rather than giving in to every other choice that calls to me.

October ends simply.  November promises piano recitals, celebrations and memories, family gatherings with favorite food, time with friends, and sitting by the fire with Sweet William.

God gives good gifts.  I will take time to see them, receive them, and find pleasure in them.  I will walk into November with joy.

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