Simple beauty

There is a first frost on the pumpkins and a mist rising from the lake this morning.  It is quite lovely.

Yesterday afternoon I gathered the remaining annuals from the yard knowing the frost would soon wither them.  I put flowers in vases throughout the house.  Their brilliance startles me as I walk in the room.  Their seeds assure me of more next year.

101_0567 101_0571

The flames flicker warm in the fireplace.  I catch sight of a golden glow on the large maple tree as the sun rises high to shine on it.

I look at pictures of funny faces sent to me by my eldest granddaughter, the one who flew in like a bird with me in July.  The silly show reminds me of the fun with had just being together, the shared experience.

In the afternoon we attend the celebration of a child’s birthday.  Grandparents, other relations, and friends gathered, taking pictures, telling stories, eating cake.  And there is an exquisiteness of the life of family.

There is beauty in the air and in our home and in our world.  It is sent from the Father for us to enjoy.  It is His great pleasure to shower us with blessings.

And I shall keep my umbrella down today and let the blessings fall like rain drops to soak into the heart that has felt dry and cracked this week.

The simple beauty of life, everyday life is what I crave.  And today I am filled.

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