Simple grace of home

Sweet William and I were on a journey this week.  But now we are home.

“There’s no place like home.  There’s no place like home.”  Thus said Dorothy as she clicked the heels of her sparkly red shoes together.

our house by Elyse

[Picture by Elyse N. Wright]

Sometimes we are looking for the Great and Terrible Oz when what we really want are the simple graces of home.

If we said it once, we said it a dozen times in the last 14 hours, “It sure is good to be back home.”  I’ve decided world traveling is not on my bucket list any more.  I’m a home-body, content to be in my comfort zone, my little corner of the world where I am Queen of Quite-a-lot.

I went to sleep in my own bed last night with my own pillows tucked under my head.  I made my strong coffee this morning and sat with the hot pad at my back in my rocker.  I’ve decided that I like my biscuits better than any I tasted while I was away.  Our adopted cat, Jeffery-Jeffery, was waiting for his morning kibble and pat on the head.  My neighbors pass in front of the house and the sun shines on the trees in the back yard as they blow gently in the wind.

The comforts of home are simple grace.  Being here gives me a sense of well-being.  I feel safe.  Loved.  Accepted.

I understand from the news that the world is in chaos.  People I know and love have problems and heavy burdens.  There are recent diagnoses that can crumble the stout of heart.  Fear grips and doom appears close.

And yet . . . The Lord is gracious and good to His children.  He supplies all we need.  He sees us and gives strength for the journey.  He carries our burdens and shares our sorrows.

“And so we know and rely on the love God has for us.  God is love.  Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.”

There is an indescribable comfort in knowing God loves me and relying on that love.  He will do what is good for me even when it is hard, painful, or beyond my understanding.  He will not leave me alone in all the difficult circumstances.  He will provide whatever I need for the journey.

Knowing God, relying on Him, believing He is who He says He is – It’s like coming home.  Living in His love is rest and relief after a hard day, a long trip.  It’s a warmth of being loved and accepted just as I am.  God is home no matter where I may find myself.

Home.  There’s no place like it.

4 thoughts on “Simple grace of home

  1. Love your beautiful writings Peggy. They put a peace and calmness in my soul. I know this is a gift that the Lord has given you . Please keep writing and posting as it is helping many people ! I have been Church of God most of my life and had the pleasure of knowing many of your relatives. God Bless you and Your Family Pamela Tolle ( Denisa Parkers mother )

    • Your words are so very kind, Pamela, like cream in my hot coffee. The gift is from the Lord, and that I know for sure. We need to talk sometime and reminisce about our mutual friends/relatives in the Church of God. Thank you for reading and for commenting. It makes the writing worth the effort.

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