Simple graces for the journey

Sweet William drives and I look.  He watches the car ahead and I read the map directions.  He is the pilot and I am the co-pilot.  We make a good team.

Sometimes a drive in the country is just what the doctor ordered.

The beauty is all around for the taking in.

Brushstroke clouds that turn to cumulus and then hang heavy amid blue sky that shouts but later whispers.

Trees that are just beginning to trend toward their true colors.

A flash of red amidst green, a little show-off in the trees.

A chipmunk scurrying and I wonder why I think he is so cute but not his country mouse cousin.

Safely navigating our way with an assurance; underneath are the Everlasting Arms.

Darkening skies, shortened days, reminding me that earth’s seasons change and so will mine.

The earth is full of God’s glory, there for the beholding of it, for the pure enjoyment of its splendor.  If I am not careful or if I am too care-filled I might miss it.

I don’t want to miss it.  Not a single moment of His grace.



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