Simple grace

My September was a little too busy.

My October awaits.  I long for simple grace, the ability to sit awhile and let my hair blow in the breeze, let my mind wander.  I want to take in the beauty of the changing colors, hear the rhythm of the trees blowing, and watch the graceful fall of a leaf.  I want to taste my morning coffee and the sweetness of God’s Word.  I want to listen better, not being distracted by multi-tasking.

I need to walk in my little woods at my leisure and experience the whispers of nature beginning its journey toward rest.  And I need to rest.

I am a worker with a list of to-do’s ever before me.  I have commitments on my October calendar.  I want to be a faithful steward of my time and my promises.  But I also long for margins in my days.

Rest is a gift.  The Sabbath command was for man’s good.  I want to honor that.  I must honor that.

I am looking for Simple Grace during the coming month. The grace of nature, of well-loved faces, of simple pleasures, of a job well done, of projects completed, of time spent well.

It’s a challenge.  And I am ready for it.

Sunday grace, friends.

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4 thoughts on “Simple grace

  1. Peggy, I am going away this weekend for our girls weekend and I am going to do just that. Unfortunately my mind will still be on our upcoming workshop and praying ladies come and they are blessed by it.

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