Sunday grace

The challenge presented, I kneel at the chair and weep.  I give thanks and make my requests known to the One who already knew them.  But He bids me come near and open my heart, speak my words, spread out my doubts and fears, lay the heavy burdens I’ve been carrying too long at His nail-scared feet.

I am comforted by the intercession of my Great High Priest and the knowledge that the Holy Spirit makes intercession for me when my words falter and fumble.  I pray the prayer that does not fail, “The will of the Lord be done.”

I tape a Scripture verse on the chair, a written word of encouragement for me and a warning proclamation to the enemy of my soul.  He who fights against me fights against God, for I am His and He is mine.  The promises upon which I stand are the only thing stable in this shaky world.

I arise from my prayer session with lightness and praise on my lips.  He has done great things for me.  I trust Him with all that I have and all those I love.

I dare not go into this life’s daily combat zone without first bowing the knee, confessing my own inadequacies, and consulting the Captain of the Lord’s host.  The battle is the Lord’s.  He is the God of angel armies.  And He is for me.

Prayer.  It is our great assault weapon.  Coupled with the Word of God, we are clothed with the power of God through Christ Jesus.  Let us not be weary in doing it well.

Sunday grace, friends.

{inspired by War Room, the movie}

war room

War Room Trailer


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