Sunday grace

I wonder at myself, my inability and my lack.

There have been times when I was like Peter the disciple who boldly took steps out of a boat and on to the fluid sea.

And other times I fall into the crashing waves of fearfulness and uncertainty, just like Peter.

I want an immovable, unshakable faith.  I want to be a faith-filled woman.

Sometimes I am.  Sometimes I am not.

But this I know for sure.  When I am weak, my Jesus is strong.  When I grow weary, He neither slumbers nor sleeps.  When my faith waivers, He remains always faithful.  When I am the most unlovable, He is Love.

No matter the state I find my emotions and my sometimes foolish heart, He is beginning and end, Alpha and Omega.  And He gives more grace, grace that strengthens, grace more than enough for my need.

And in that I rest secure.

Sunday grace, friends.


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