No matter what

No matter what this day, this month, this year may bring, God is still on the throne. No matter how I feel in my fluctuating emotions, God is still on the throne.  Through the snow of winter and the blazing heat of summer, in the beauty of spring and the relinquishing of fall, yes, God is still on the throne.

God is the One who rules.  He is the true Righteous Judge.  God is the One who speaks and all of creation responds.

God is in control when it seems my world is out of kilter, out of control, turned upside down.  God has set the seasons, determines when the sun rises, put boundaries on the seas, and named all the stars in the sky.

It’s His plan, formed before the foundation of the world.  He put it into motion and will see that it is completed.

He alone has the power to cause nations to rise and nations to crumble.  He is the One who knows all truth for He is Truth. He is the beginning and the end of it all.

God is the One who loves without limits and has gone to the ends of the earth to save us.  And Jesus is still the only name whereby we may be saved.

So no matter what . . .

God is still good.  God is still sovereign.  God is still faithful.

And He can be trusted.

Sunday grace, friends.

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