Sunday grace

I planted a tree yesterday, small and green.  I dug the hole, plopped it in the ground and encouraged it with “Grow little tree.”

It will take a long time to fulfill my wish.

I may not be alive to see it reach its full height, spreading its branches to sway in the wind, offering shade and shelter.  I planted it with hope that others will see it and enjoy its beauty.

Life is like that.  We plant seeds along our journey.  At times we are allowed the pleasure of watching those seeds produce and flourish.  Other times we wonder if the seeds are growing at all.  Sometimes we never pass that way again to recognize the product of a seed of kindness or love.

I would like to keep planting throughout my life, trees and flowers to be enjoyed by future generations, deeds of kindness, words of encouragement.  Maybe I will not see the final result.  I will leave that to the Master Gardner who ultimately brings forth bread from the earth.

I’ll just keep planting.

Sunday grace, friends.


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