Random thoughts about things I can’t live without

100_3159Sometimes my thoughts are random, not exactly inspirational, just regular.

Years ago I read an article by Lucy Pritchett in Today’s Woman magazine.  Ms. Pritchett listed 13 Things she considered a necessity.  Now we are not talking about people.  Any one of us would choose our family, friends, and beloved pets over any material possessions.  If the house burned down, we would be thankful all our loved ones were safe even if everything else were gone.

But let’s say you were invited to stay the week at a lake, a cabin in the woods or a deserted island and all you could pack would be the bare necessities.  What would you take?  What would you want at hand?

Ok, I’m going to go out on a limb and ask you NOT to choose something electronic.  That will be hard, I know.  Some of us list our smart phones as the most important object we possess.  Try not to this time.

What’s the point in an exercise like this?   Brain work.  A thought processes.  Use of the imagination.  Revelation.

This will make you ponder what you really value and what you could live without.  It could reveal something about who you really are.

So here is my list.

1. My Thompson Chain Reference Bible.  It is my favorite reference Book.  I can find most things I am looking for here.  And i need a daily dose of God’s Word.

2. Journal with writing instruments.  Because what good is paper without pen and pencil.  I do have a preference for what I use to write with: Cadoozle pencils and an old cartridge pen that I still have from high school.  Writing is therapy for me and I would certainly want to record this experience.

3. Coffee with half and half cream.  This may take the form of some sort of coffee pot or a Star Bucks hidden in the woods, but I’ll leave that to the imagination.

4. A piano.  I know what you’re thinking – where’s she going to get a piano on the beach?  Well, I can dream, can’t I?  And dreaming of playing the piano while the ocean breezes blow sounds like a bare necessity to me.

5. Fresh flowers.  They brighten the house in spring and summer.  They add color and cheer.  They are just pretty.  And I need beauty.

6. Indoor plumbing.  Yes, this is a necessity for this part county-part city gal.  I can do without electricity better than indoor plumbing.

7. Good walking shoes.  I won’t be staying inside all day.

8. Flannel shirt.  Comfort and warmth in plaid.

9. A well-worn pair of jeans.  Let me just say that the current skinny jeans fad does not look comfortable to me.  Jeans are supposed to be the ultimate comfort clothes, aren’t they?  Or have they become such a fashion statement that we have lost our love of comfort?

10. Eggs.  So many different dishes can be created from eggs.

11. Sunrise and sunset.  I know I could not pack these but I love both so very much.  They are God’s gifts to me each morning and evening.

12. Classic hoop ear rings.  They will dress up or down.

13.  Public library.  Preferably close so I can walk to it.  Free books and information at my fingertips.  And hopefully some friendly faces.

Well there is the list.  At least it is the least today.  Next week, next year, it could change.  It will depend on the season of my life.

I certainly hope my family and little dog are with me to enjoy the experience.

Why not try the exercise?  What are your 13 Things?


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