Sunday Grace

Today I’m breathing in and out.

Today the housework waits.  The meals are simple.  The coffee pot perks.

Today, the tasks can wait.

I will walk in the yard.  I will nap on the couch.  I will read a book.

I will watch a movie with Sweet William.  Little dog will lay beside me and teach me how to really relax.

Today I can just be and not feel the need to do.

I will trust my worries, my fears, my list of to-dos to the one God who never slumbers or sleeps.

He doesn’t need to.

He gives me the gift of rest.

I can stop, cease, turn loose, let go.  He is in control, and He is faithful and trustworthy.

Today I will take a Sabbath rest.  I hope you will to.

Sunday grace, friends.



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