Sunday grace

Spring break was glorious.  We visited our family-too-far-away with great joy in their presence, then experience that deep sadness when we said our good-byes.  Relationships are to be cherished.

I returned home to spring.  The greening of nature is a great delight.  All things are becoming new again.

On this day,  Sweet William and I will gather once again with church family to sing with hearts of worship.  We will give and receive hugs and welcome words.  We will open the Word and listen as pastor and teacher break the Bread of Life for us.

We can go through the motions or we can enter in.  Today I choose to enter in fully, freely, willingly.  Because I have been accepted fully.  I have been set free.  And it is God’s will to take me into His loving arms.

Sunday Grace, friends.  Enjoy this day you have been given.  Be thankful and bless His name.




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