Lavish love

No matter how this day started,

The alarm failed to go off . . .

Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed . . .

An argument started over something silly . . .

You got your feelings hurt . . .

The coffee pot suddenly died . . .

Remember this one thing.

100_0747 100_0748 100_0749

God has lavished His love on us, called us His children and invited us to call Him Father.

Lavish.  Grand.  Extravagant.   Bountiful.  Generous.

And that changes everything.

Submerge yourself in His love.  Drown in it.

Root yourself in it.  Stabilize in it.  Live in it.

Try to grasp how wide.  How long.  How high.  How deep this love is.

 This Love surpasses knowledge, transcends understanding.

It cannot be contained.

And it fills us.  Full.  Running over.

The wealth of God Himself.  In me.  In you.  The children of God.

Amazing Sunday grace, friends.

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