Love came down

Love came downLOVE came down in the cool of the evening to the garden and called out “Adam, where are you?”  But Adam hid from the Presence.

LOVE came down on Mt. Sinai in thunders and lightning to give the law to a people delivered and said, “I AM your God.  Be mine, won’t you?”  Though they said “yes” they would fail miserably.

LOVE came down as cloud and fire to lead and protect, and He rested in the Holy of holies to dwell among His people. But He was not enough for them and they lusted for other things to satisfy.

LOVE came down in the voices of the prophets, calling to the beloved to return to her Lover.  The beloved was unfaithful again and again.

LOVE came down as a Christmas Gift, not wrapped in bright shiny paper and a big red bow, but in swaddling clothes.  Few recognized Him.

Then LOVE was lifted up on a scraggly hillside.  LOVE shouted with the greatest demonstration of One who loves perfectly, “I LOVE you this much!”  Then He stretched out His hands and died.

LOVE came down so I can be His forever.  Raised up to life.  New life.  Abundant life.  Everlasting life.

And I cry Holy, Holy, Holy . . .

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